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  JL Mason
(can be contacted on bryonjazz@btinternet.com)

'Helen 1 '
Medium: Line & Wash
W:42.5cm x H:33.5cm

Helen 1 by JL Mason

'Vestry Doorway'
St. Martins of Tours Church, Werrington
Medium: Watercolour
W:40cm x H:46cm
Handmade stained wooden frame with gilt strip.

Price: £75.00

'Vestry Doorway'  by JL Mason

'Running High'
Medium: Oil
W:54cm x H:46cm

Price: £75.00

'Running High'  by JL Mason

'Helen 2'
Medium: Line & Wash
W:50cm x H:42cm


'Helen 2'  by JL Mason

Medium: Watercolour
W:48cm x H:44.5cm
Handmade polished pine frame

Price: £50.0

'Xanths'  by JL Mason

'A Band Shell'
Medium: Watercolour
W:32.5cm x H:24cm
(Unframed in mount with cellophane wrap)

Price £35.00

'A Band Shell'  by JL Mason

'Country Life'
Medium: Pen & Wash
W:37cm x H:28cm

Price: £30.00

'Country Life'  by JL Mason

'Done With'
Medium: Pastel
W38.5 x H:27.5cm

Price: Available on request

'Done With'  by JL Mason